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luxury mekong river cruise 2020 and 2021

Vietnam Luxury River Cruises

Rich in cultures, deep in history and beautiful with natural sceneries, Mekong River is truly the lifeblood of six countries it flows through. On the great journey of 4,350 km long before reaching the sea, It has witnessed the diverse cultures, unique traditions, magnificent heritage sites, and rustic life of local people. Our Vietnam river cruises will bring you to experience the quintessences of Mekong River at its best destination – the Mekong Delta.

On luxury river cruises, you will have a chance to behold the immense delta of abundant crops, interesting fish farms, and fruitful orchards. Leaving Mekong River cruises, you can join in amazing excursions by boat to explore vibrant floating markets, visiting colorful floating markets, delighting yourself with tasty coconut drinks, discovering greeny fruit orchards while listening to traditional folk music. Culture packed, foodie fabulous and with time to explore, this is the only way to truly go local on Vietnam Luxury Tours.

Enchanting Elements of Vietnam Luxury River Cruise

Freedom to Explore Your Favorite Destinations

Embark on luxurious river cruises in Vietnam, and you'll be free to explore all your favorite destinations across the border. In addition to captivating spots in Vietnam like Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, and Phu Quoc Island, you can visit enticing destinations in neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and more during your Mekong River cruise. Experience diverse cultures and marvel at landmarks in multiple countries, all in one —a truly enticing offer that not every mode of transportation can provide. enjoy the luxury vietnam river cruise to the fullest  

Embrace the Journey to the Fullest

Our Vietnam luxury river cruises offer the captivating experience of indulging in scenic river views while making stops to explore special destinations along the way. Picture yourself unwinding and soaking in the surroundings through expansive windows on the cruise ship. The unhindered view from the boat's deck lets you fully absorb the beauty of the sky, water, and landscapes while floating on the Mekong River. The onboard services and entertainment facilities further elevate your luxury Vietnam river cruise holidays. enjoy the luxury mekong river cruise to the fullest  

Immerse in Culture and Local Delights

Embarking on luxury Vietnam river cruise holidays allows you to delve into diverse regions, offering a comfortable exploration of people, nature, and rich cultures, arts, and cuisines. Savoring cultural highlights and culinary delights onboard as you traverse each region is a distinctive feature that not every mode of transportation can offer. unique cuisine in luxury mekong river cruise  

Free from Fatigue and Noise

With no dust or noise from traffic, you can shed all weariness and fully enjoy the luxury Vietnam river cruises. Each customer will have a private and tranquil cabin, providing a peaceful environment to relax and enjoy the attentive care of the staff on board. relax on a luxury mekong river cruise  

Must-Visit Destinations During the Vietnam Luxury River Cruise

Vietnam with UNESCO-recognized Landscapes

Pause at Ha Long Bay, where the impressive natural scenery features beautiful limestone mountains depicted in famous films like "Indochine" (1992) and "The Quiet American" (2002). Experience activities such as fishing, squid fishing at sea, and indulge in heritage during your Mekong river cruises. Additionally, to learn about Vietnamese culture, you can experience pottery making, rice wine cooking, water puppet shows, and more. visit ha long bay in vietnam luxury river cruise vacation  

Cambodia with Ancient Civilization

Visit Cambodia while enjoying your Vietnam luxury river cruise holidays, a land that preserves some of the world's oldest civilizations. The Angkor Wat temple complex, known as the largest religious monument globally, will astonish you with the unique architecture of ancient Khmer people and historical tales within each structure. Explore Phnom Penh when experiencing the Mekong River cruises, the capital of Cambodia is a unique blend of modern buildings and French colonial architecture. explore phnom penh in luxury mekong river cruise  

Laos with Exclusive Serenity

Setting foot in the land known as the "Land of a Million Elephants," you'll feel a unique tranquility, a slow-paced charm steeped in the antiquity of Laos. If Vietnam boasts Hue and Cambodia has Siem Reap, then Laos has the ancient capital of Luang Prabang. Luang Prabang captivates travelers with its distinctive beauty—ancient mysterious palaces, time-stained architectural wonders, and charming villages along the riverbanks. Joining a Mekong River cruise provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in traditional customs, discover historical tales, and blend into the serene rhythm of Laotian life. admire the ancient beauty of luang prabang with luxuru vietnam river cruise vacation